Sunday, September 14, 2008

What can we do about keeping Fluxus from being canonized as a collective?

The canonization of the individual artists who participated in Fluxus is one thing - fine and dandy, may it happen to us all! But Fluxus itself is impervious to canonization. We need to seperate these two things from one another.

I think one idea is to dismiss the idea that fluxus is a historical entity and that the very idea of it is antithetical to fluxus and preposterous and that anyone supporting such an idea knows nothing about fluxus and has nothing to do with fluxus.

This needs to be done collectively by developing appropriate propaganda that is ubiquitous among us. We have to create a united facade through cooperative endeavors. We need to publish books - which several of us are now doing - of new work not history books about old work; leave that to the outsiders.

We need to get articles in magazines. We need to establish a viable collector market for current work according to our own design. We need to validate ourselves through our own institutions. Thus the Fluxshop, Fluxmuseum, Fluxnexus, Fluxus Laboratories, Fluxlist, fluxlist Europe, Open Fluxus and so on.

Then we need to gather as a group not to promote old but current and emerging Fluxus. Thus the Fluxus Brainstorm Gatherings.

We need our own collective performance workbooks in order for us to promote each other's work as developing at

We need to provide universities with materials so that upcoming students accept us as fluxus and join our ranks.

We need to demostrate that we are Fluxus and Fluxus is ours.

There are 6 needed components

1) establish lines of communication,
2) develop infrastructure.
3) qualify yourself through practice,
4) produce product
5) establish a market
6) develop endurance and sustainability.

Theory and whatnot grow out of practice.

I think of us as dervishes as in the sufi tradition. If you ever ask a dervish if he is a sufi master he always says no and promotes all the other dervishes that he knows as the masters. We should do the same: each one adulate the others, each one promote the others, each one honor and respect the others.

This is how Fluxus will survive and deserve to survive: by our mutual good will toward our group and each other. We then are, through the codes we adhere to among ourselves, practicing sustainable peace and properity.

Make it a good day,

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