Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fluxus Limbus

Fluxus Laboratories may have identified a new threat to Fluxus practitioners. We call it Fluxus Limbus. Fluxus Limbus is a mental state in which the Fluxus practitioner recognizes that his practice is directly related to the practices typical of Fluxus and yet cannot think of himself as an authentic Fluxus practitioner and begins to have misgivings related to having not himself dreamt up the name Fluxus. The symptomatic response is: the Fluxus practitioner continually proposes new and different names for his Fluxus activities. This condition of Fluxus Limbus may be brought on in part because the Fluxus practitioner was not identified by others as a Fluxus prac-titioner, Is in a state of denial about his own Fluxus nature or perhaps because the Fluxus practitioner resists submitting himself to interact with other Fluxus practitioners, thus diminishing his feelings of autonomy. He may even, in his unfortunate state, attempt to convince other Fluxus practitioners that they are also not Fluxus practitioners or that they do not practice Fluxus properly. There may be other reasons for these behaviors and there may be other bizarre behaviors not yet identified by Fluxus Laboratories as Fluxus Limbus but we will be investigating this newly recognized syndrome in order to protect the safety of the general public. Please report any suspicious activity. Thank you for your cooperation.